The ultimate battle machine

TRACK TR 501 also popularly known as Argon is an amazing gaming mouse that is newly launched in the Nepali gaming market. Argon is responsive, dynamic and comfortable putting you in a position of advantage during those closely contested PC game battles. Argon is packed with all modern features and boasts an unique horse shoe design which gives it a distinct look over it’s contemporaries.


French Counterweight

TRACK TR501 ARGON’s biggest feature is it’s support of symmetrical counter weight. In order to adapt to players with different hand comfort levels the independent weights are designed on both left and right sides of the mouse for stability and accuracy. Argon comes with four counterweights and the players who have heavier requirements can include third party weights if needed. Argon adopts the optical engine design with 1000 Hz response rate that ensures stable operations and higher sensitivity to cope with intense shooting game scenarios. The aluminum alloy wheel prevents slipping and ensures a firm structure. The sliding is soft and delicate.

Colorful Breathing

The colorful breathing RGB lights change color synchronously. The different light modes enhance the sense of atmosphere during the game. The curved horseshoe structure not just gives Argon it’s unique look. It is indeed an ergonomic masterpiece. The curved structure fits the curvature of the fingers and provides a comfortable grip avoiding slips. The bottom of the mouse adopts a fully brushed metal base plate structure to enhance the stability of the body. Extra buttons in the right spot speeds up switching modes or weapons, saving users life-or-death fractions of a second. And the right supporting software can power simple or complex shortcuts that decide defeat or victory.


DPI Upto 6400

Track TR501 Argon can be customized upto 6400 DPI and comes with a tailored software. The cursor travels 6400 pixels per every inch of cursor movement. The mouse is fully programmable and customizable. All the buttons are customizable in accordance with the user's needs. The DPI can be switched from 800 to 6400 on the fly. The tailored Argon software enables users to customize lightning, DPI and adjust the buttons in the mouse as per their requirement. In a nutshell Argon is a power packed piece of technology specially designed for gamers and the gamers in latin america have rave reviews on how they have used Argon to ensure victory over the rivals. The price range of Argon is extremely affordable and it is sure to surpass the value of what it is worth.

All New. For A Better You

The best gaming keyboards have it all, style, ergonomics, and of course, the most satisfying clickity clacks.

Responsive, reliable, and more than likely plastered in RGB lighting

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